Probably the most exciting thing on this phone is the e-book-like e-ink display on the back-side of the YotaPhone. So, how to read?

At first, I had difficulties… as I wanted to read my own books, files, that I own already. I seemed that the Yota 1 allows only viewing purchased books.

FBreader for Yotaphone - read on the backside e-inkSo, after some investigation I found a program, called FBreader, It has been made available for Yota, as well. It can take advantage of the back-side of the phone.

So, this was, for me, may be the most important thing: add FBreader. It was easy. And it works nice!

To turn page, we can use the black area under the screen, and wipe left or right. However, I find it more comfortable to use the VOLUME buttons. The top one goes back a page while the down one takes me to the next page os the read material. Cool!


Reading on the back-side – FBreader
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