I love my Yotaphone 2.

It is delivered with some widgets for the Always On, back screen.

I would love to have some more…

EndYotaphone-image-widget here it comes, someone (Jean-Baptist) has written one to add my own image. It fits into all the sizes YotaHub offers.

It seems that the demand is very limited, about 1000 downloads.


I use it to place a QR Code there what points to my website with all of my data, like e-mail address, website and some friends’ phone number – if someone had found it, and wanted to contact me.

Jean-Baptist (alias Rorist) wrote this message to me:

Thanks for the feedback, always very much apreciated 🙂

For now I’ve no plan on doing an other app, plus this app may need some more love, there are some problems here and there.

You can advertise my app without problem, you may add that the sources are available on Github, and that anybody can create a feature request, a bug report and propose some changes via the pull requests:

Do you know about any other widget or application specially written for Yotaphone? Please write to me about it, so I can share it here, on this site with other Yota users


Image widget for the e-ink back-screen
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